Life in Bay Center on Willapa Bay

Living in a maritime fishing village in Southwest Washington state on Willapa Bay

Lietta’s oil paintings inspired by life in Bay Center

three in a rowLietta, resident oil painter in our home in Bay Center, to husband, Arthur, resident author in our home in Bay Center, we carve out our ‘creative spaces’ within our home – in what we liken to our very own . Beach House. Replicating experiences we have shared getting away from the city for weekend or vacations by renting house on the beach at Cape Kiwanda in Oregon, we fondly refer to our home as our Beach House.

Adding some photos of oil paintings Lietta has created inspired by our life in this fishing village.

cannery building on stilts

impression of abandoned cannery building on stilts; 2005

Fishing village at twilight
Impression of Fishing Village at twilight; 2004

ocean waves
Ocean Waves; 1998

for Charlie
painted 2003, ‘For Charlie’, my father – longshoreman who spent time on the Willapa. He passed Jan 2006.

3 Responses to “Lietta’s oil paintings inspired by life in Bay Center”

  1. Joy said

    Looking at the oils that you painted I am impressed with your capture of the enviroment you live in. One can almost feel as though they are there.

  2. Michael said

    I’ve been reading your posts recently and have come to identify with many of your concerns… I live in Seattle and too wish to one day settle into Willapa. Your posts shed some light on the current events.

    I also must compliment you on capturing some beautiful scenery.. the color does really come through. For me, your work is so refreshing from so many of the darker oils I have seen in the past.

    truly blessed

    thanks you

  3. Pam said

    I wish I had met you. I moved to Nemah Valley last June. I saw your old home in Bay Center is up for sale. I went and looked at it but sadly it would take at least another 100k to repair if that’s even possible. Your pictures confirmed what I knew in my heart , that it was a beautiful home at one time.

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