Life in Bay Center on Willapa Bay

Living in a maritime fishing village in Southwest Washington state on Willapa Bay

Winter Brothers; A Season at the Edge of America

Posted by Lietta on March 11, 2015

Wanted to capture the referenced two links, the book, the article and also the documentary that Keith Cox has made of Oyster Farming in the Willapa. So ‘home’ for me, we lived in Bay Center on the Willapa among oyster farmers for 10 out of the 13 years we lived in Pacific County.

Phase Three

Discovery this morning, before I could even get going with my email inbox.   A book I will want to purchase for my Kindle, our former stomping grounds while not precisely in Willapa Bay area references relate strongly to life in pristine Willapa Bay area.  ‘ Winter Brothers; A Season at the Edge of America‘ by author, Ivan Doig, writes to  the Pacific Northwest through the diaries of James Gilchrist Swan, a settler of the region, fusing the diaries of James Swan with Ivan Doig’s own voice.

The book was brought to my attention because of the  nature of article in Our Coast ‘Willapa Dreaming‘ by Matt Winters which speaks beautifully to how I experienced our life in Willapa Bay….oyster farmers and all.




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