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Living in a maritime fishing village in Southwest Washington state on Willapa Bay

Too early for winter storms in Autumn

Posted by Lietta on October 20, 2007

 It is not even the end of October yet, and I’m still looking at the color palette nature displays as the leaves on the trees turn various shades of gold, orange, brown and red when the first of the ‘winter’ storms hit this week.    Wind and rain storms hit Washington coasts Thursday without much of a transition as the winds blew in at 50-60 mph.  The night before on our local channels, the weather forecasts indicated expected wind storm, but with assurance it was not going to be one of the ‘big ones’.

Well it was a big one.  And as I watched the tall evergreens at the back of our lot swaying back and forth in a furious dance, I knew those winds had to be considerably higher than what the weather forecast predicted.   Well thank goodness that through what is sometimes called persistent nagging when women do it, but something quite more visionary when men do it, I was able to convince husband to have the limbs of our almost 100 year old monkey puzzle tree taken down before October.

The monkey puzzle tree died – probably last year and had been slowly deteriorating over the years since we bought this house.  My husband is very attached to the tree, and despite the fact that it has turned brown with only a hint of green in the uppermost branches, he was convinced it still had life in it and could be saved.  This summer my husband finally acknowledged that there was no life left in the tree and we would bring it down.

With a slight summer breeze in early September, a couple of the branches cracked and came down.  Remembering the fury of the winter wind storms last year, I was very anxious to get the limbs off the tree and get the tree down.   Sweetie scheduled it for mid-October and I insisted it had to be done before October.    As I watched the trees swaying nearly to bending over this week, I am so relieved we got the better part of bringing the tree down done before the first wind storm hit.

Note to myself to take a photo of the evergreens swaying in wind storm…..


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